Our vision is simply to secure the world’s data by making it easy for developers to integrate military grade security infrastructure into their products and services.

Any Digital Asset.

When you hear ‘digital asset’ most people think of cryptocurrencies – something with obvious value. At Lokblok, we think that every piece of data in your organization from a simple Word document through to the data on your blockchain are your digital assets. We protect those assets.


The internet was never designed to be secure, yet we spend most of our working day using it. Anti-virus, firewalls & VPNs are better than no protection, but given the number of data breaches that regularly happen, they’re not good enough. We use multiple layers of military grade technology to secure your data.


Data exists in three states, at rest (on your hard drive), in use (by an application) and in motion (over the internet). Whether you’re remote working, a computer outside the corporate firewall or a blockchain endpoint, we can protect your data in whatever state it is and wherever it resides.


The Lokblok team has worked at the forefront of hardware-based security engineering for more that two decades. They engineered the first hardware security modules (HSMs) certified for FIPS 140; developed and licensed the first message security protocol for secure email using HSMs to Microsoft; developed the first HSMs for split keys certified and used by Visa and MasterCard; first to license RSA patents in the USA to create HSMs in smart cards and USB devices; developed the first security platform to protect the western power grid; first to deliver three factor authentication with fingerprint match on card with fastest performance; selected by Microsoft to create the first Windows crypto service provider for AES and Elliptic Curve Cryptography with HSMs; customized HSM to generate secure RNGs and security services for lottery systems; first commercial HSM to be used for file encryption to protect USA and Canadian SECRET digital assets; and first to create a secure tablet to protect SECRET data for Government. Today the members of our experienced security team are applying their collective knowhow to create a security as a service platform to offer the latest in private key generation and management to secure blockchain applications such as digital asset self-custody.


Sue Pontius


Dr. Adrian McCullagh

General Counsel & Blockchain & PKI Specialist

Dr. Joerg Borchert


Reid Carlisle


Gary Nuttall

Blockchain Influencer, Business Development

David Drever


Spencer Lambert

Corporate Marketing

Michael Perretta

Director, Secure Product Development

Radha Ramnath

Director, Systems & Software Development

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