Security building bloks for web 2.0 & 3.0 application development

Building secure, compliant private key management is hard, Lokblok gives you the everything you need, right out of the box. 

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If you’re developing applications that use private keys, the need for bullet proof security is paramount. You’ll soon discover that expertise is thin on the ground, and gaining certification and peace of mind that your components are secure is a lengthy uphill battle.  

We don’t have to look far to see examples where mismanagement of private keys proves to be the most vulnerable point of failure for many application providers. Billions of dollars in value has been hacked and stolen over the past few years in crypto alone, destroying otherwise great businesses and reputations in the process. The promise of trustless applications where middle-men and intermediaries can’t compromise digital assets still seems a long way off.  

As regulators play catch-up with web 3.0, risk management and compliance are going to be at the forefront of many executives’ minds. Using a custody provider for private keys isn’t always an option, and home spun solutions pulled together from off-the-shelf components might do the job in the short terms, but as the industry matures, can they grow and flex with you as your applications become ever more complex? 


Lokblok provides a multi-layered security ecosystem delivering defense in depth for your applications.

Some say we’re ‘paranoid’ for creating the Lokblok ecosystem. We say we’re just ‘covering all the bases’. Our motto? If it could happen, it will happen. When it comes to private key security, there’s no such thing as too paranoid.

Each component or ‘blok’ can be used independently or in concert with others to provide the required security level for your application. Designed to be easily configurable, your development team can build their application safe in the knowledge that the private key component is covered. From endpoint to cloud, using patent pending, proprietary technology, Lokblok secures the operating environment, data and communications to prevent unwanted hijacking and data theft.  

Secure Key Storage

Secure Operating Environment

Secure Communications

Secure Networking

Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Key Management

Secure Key Recovery

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